Longterm Technology Services Inc. Organized a Workshop on Siemens NX™ Mold Wizard/Die Wizard new functionalities

Siemens developers and industry experts collaborated at a 3-day Siemens NX™ Mold Wizard/Die Wizard workshop, organized by Longterm Technology Services Inc. at Hotel Holiday Inn & Suites (Ambassador Bridge), Windsor, Ontario to discuss the new functions and workflows for NX™ Tooling applications.

Windsor, Ontario, Canada – October 21, 2019Longterm Technology Services Inc. recently organized an NX™ Mold Wizard/Die Wizard workshop in Windsor, Ontario, successfully. It was a 3-day workshop from October 16 – October 18, 2019, where key members from the Siemens development team, industry-experts, and application users collaborated to learn and develop for achieving the full potential of Siemens NX™ Mold Wizard/Die Wizard applications pre-release features. 

The scope of this workshop was to introduce new features starting from NX™ 12 and discuss the workflows. The organizer of this workshop and president of Longterm technology Services Inc., Aaron Guo, said, “We always look forward to getting more opportunities to collaborate with key product developers and discuss mold wizard and die wizard applications. A workshop like this offers an amazing opportunity for understanding Siemens’s development vision and industry demands. It helps us better understand how we can deliver robust solutions successfully in this sector.” 

The attendees brainstormed their opinions and shared multiple ideas with industry-recognized experts, Siemens product developers, and fellow advanced users. The workshop showcased how NX™ mold wizard and die wizard offers amazing opportunities across different industries. On this, Aaron Guo added, “We understand the pain points of the mold and die industry, and this workshop helps us review them. We are maturing in this industry, and we will continue to organize such events for continuous improvement of the NX™ software applications for serving the industry better.”  

Siemens development team delivered expert sessions on the new functions and workflows for NX™ Mold Wizard/Die Wizard. Many brainstorming sessions took place to implement new and improved functions to the existing design workflow for streamlining operations. Workshops like these provide an amazing learning platform to utilize advanced design and manufacturing capabilities and information technology (IT) throughout the product lifecycle.

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