Modular Fixture Designer

Manufacturing Setup Automation

Modular Fixture Designer

Modular Fixture Designer (MFD)

Modular Fixture Designer (MFD) is a state-of-the-art solution for manufacturing setup automation. Automate the stack-up process with intelligent selection strategies for various setup components. Work within one solution: Siemens NX™ to complete the entire process without any need of data translation.  

Fixture system is a set of devices to securely hold the position of workpiece during machining process. Modularized fixture system is a high-performance solution, especially for mold manufactures.  

Keeping user benefits in mind, we have also partnered with FCS System, who is a renowned industry leader.  

Do you struggle with any of these challenges?

– Difficulty finding optimum combination of manufacturing setup components

– Lost accuracy and degraded efficiency due to undesired number of setups

– Having to leave native software platform to find setup solutions

– Deal with data translation issues for forced data migration

– Hard to visualize chosen setup components

– Tedious to locate correct seat hole position for the setup device

– Cumbersome process for managing setup library components

– Manually creating setup reports for shop floor

If yes, then we have a unique solution to address your challenges:

Modular Fixture Designer

User Benefits

  • Easily identify best seat hole positions for setup component

  • Use optimized system generated component combinations

  • Need significantly less number of setups than conventional methods

  • Improves repeatability and productivity

  • Work within the already familiar Siemens NX software system

  • No hassle of data translation

  • Easily choose desired component position with the projected grid points

  • Choose components from the expanding FCS component portfolio

  • Easily generate customized setup reports

Business Benefits

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Increases Profits

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High ROI

Autoburn Longterm Technology Services

Eliminates Errors

Autoburn Longterm Technology Services

Improves Quality

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Improves Lead Time

Autoburn Longterm Technology Services

Provides Competitive Edge

Autoburn Implementation

Quick Implementation

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Requires Limited Training

Modular Fixture Advantages

  • Access up to 5 faces on the workpiece without restrictions

  • Reduce number of setups

  • Easily remove and assemble workpiece while maintaining the zero reference point

  • Quickly clamp at original zero reference point during engineering changes or reworks

  • Position workpiece for best machining chip removal

  • Optimize machine workload

  • Use during complete production cycle from design to try outs

MFD Advantages

  • Visually find positioning opportunities for setup components using projected grid

  • Data translation not required

  • Ideal for Siemens NX users

  • Obtain optimum combination of setup components

  • Easily manage multiple manufacturing setups

  • Verify for potential interference results for selected configuration

  • Generate setup reports for shop floor

Standard Fixture

Modular Fixture Designer

Modular MFD Fixture

Modular Fixture Designer

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