NX Viewer Training

In our one-day NX Viewer training at Longterm Technology Services Inc., we cover all the standard functioning from opening to analyzing different models with our trainees.

What to expect

The trainees will learn about NX viewer Interface, file operations, view operations, analyzing parts, and many other miscellaneous functions. They will be involved in different activities based on these topics. At the end of this course, they will be able to transfer their learning to their jobs.

Why NX Viewer

NX Viewer is for viewing, measuring, analyzing, comparing and exporting different models.

With NX Viewer, a user can view native NX, Part and Assembly files, 2D drawings and 3D CAD files in one application. This tool enables teams to collaborate using 3D design data to eliminate errors and accelerate time to market.

It is an ideal tool for the Shop Floor employees where they want to analyze models in the 3D model more dynamically saving or re-authoring NX data. They can cut sections dynamically, show/hide components for better visibility, export NX files, take accurate measurements, collaborate with their teams, compare models in 3D, and much more.

Using a CAD system for viewing engineering data needs a design engineer to validate that the right data is being viewed and confirm that changes were not accidentally saved. Whereas NX Viewer can easily meet the needs of engineering managers. It can easily be understood by people with little or no CAD knowledge.

Explore NX Viewer with us. You can contact us to know the available NX training schedules.

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