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Many companies think they can’t digitize their production processes because of high costs, a lack of training, or just not enough ROI on their investment.


That’s where we come in. 

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Your Success is Our Business

LTS is a world-leading one-stop shop to guide your purchasing, training, implementation, and strategy for digital industry solutions.

For over a decade, we’ve been one of North America’s top Siemens Digital Industries Software partners. With our deep experience in CAD, CAM, CAE, PLM, and PDM, we help companies like yours gain a competitive edge by optimizing their processes, from planning and development through manufacturing, production, and support.

If you’d like an example, this is the kind of competitive edge we’re talking about (PDF).

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Charting Your Future in Industry 4.0

Now is the time to take control of your future in digital industry. We’ll show you and your design team how to automate complicated tasks and quickly reconfigure existing designs to help you successfully compete in the global marketplace.

We’re a leading provider of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) technologies and services, including industry solutions from Siemens Digital Industry Software. We also possess deep experience in developing software to bridge the gap between Siemens Software and your unique needs.

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Longterm Technology services Inc.

Keeping You on the Cutting Edge

We know what’s new in digital industry and are excited to share this knowledge. At the same time, we’ll never advise you to make a digital investment without a near-guarantee of positive ROI at the end of the day. 

Longterm Technology Services Inc. has over 25 years of UG/NX experience in the automotive and consumer product mold and tooling industries. We’re an independent consulting firm and a leading Siemens Channel, Software, and Technology partner. We’re also especially well-versed in Siemens NX CAD, CAM, and CAE. Whether it’s through software, training, or enterprise-level consulting, we’ll help you take control of your future in digital manufacturing. 

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