Teamcenter PLM

Teamcenter is an adaptable and robust Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Software platform that supports the design and development of your products with strong product visualization and CAD data management features. Teamcenter PLM’s open architecture can manage critical lifecycle data stream information including resource, process, plant, and product. By visualizing and collaborating on this associative data, the benefits of powerful workflow control, product variant, and change management functionality can be explored.


Other Advantages of Teamcenter Software include:

– Better production and less developmental time

– Easy and intuitive user interface

– Information-driven smart decisions

– Seamless collaboration with others

– Streamlined operations from concept to reality

– Flexible to adapt to multiple business changes and challenges

– Easy accessibility of PLM (anytime, anywhere)

– Standardized corporate data dictionary


It is one of the robust PLM technologies in the industry with strong CAD data management and product visualization features. This the reason why many global OEMs are using Teamcenter PLM to manage their CAD design data and visualize their products.


As a leading provider of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) technologies and services, including industry solutions from Siemens Digital Industries Software and our internally developed products, we help our clients implement the Industry 4.0 vision and reap its benefits for years to come.


We transform our clients’ future by developing trendsetting strategies that sets-up your business for tomorrow.

Teamcenter Product Costing Management

Developing comprehensive cost knowledge across the entire value chain is crucial to make smarter product costing decisions. Many companies are still using traditional cost calculation methods; these methods typically do not provide enough details for a reliable cost analysis, which leads to costly mistakes.


Controlling product costing early in the product lifecycle through Teamcenter Product Costing Solution helps you avoid expensive engineering rework downstream mistakes. It enables you to analyze, simulate, and optimize the cost drivers in product development to let you make the right decisions at the right time.


Overhead costing:

By providing the bottom-up calculations, the Teamcenter Product Costing Management solution helps in analyzing the cost of material, production cost, and process.


Reference data for cost analysis:

This system helps you to increase the value proposition of your products by including the current database with reference data like materials, machines, and labor costs. This data assists you in making reliable make-or-buy, relocating, and global sourcing decisions.



Multiple departments of the organization, like cost engineering, controlling, purchasing, and sales can collaborate through Teamcenter to reap the maximum benefit.


Target Costing:

Various aspects like assemblies, versions, what-if technical and business scenarios can be assessed accurately and quickly through Teamcenter. This software provides quantitative data on – how the commodity’s price fluctuation affects product prices? What changes will impact product design or labor costs? etc.


Reliable cost estimates:

As a buyer, Teamcenter product costing can be used by you to conduct cost estimates on different commodities. This puts you in the upper-hand to negotiate on costs with the suppliers.



Cost engineers can view the impact of development-related changes on the product’s price throughout the process.


Profitability calculation:

The profitability calculation functionality can break down annual costs, revenues and cash flows, which helps you in making better investment decisions. 

Streamline financial visibility and efficiency with Teamcenter Cost Management Software. Gain comprehensive cost control and insights, optimizing your budgeting processes seamlessly

Teamcenter Tool Costing Management

The increasing cost pressures in the field of molds and tools require reliable cost management solutions. With shorter lifecycles and higher product inconsistency, there is a substantial rise in the share of tool costs relative to the total costs of a product line. Therefore, the tool cost is one of the critical focus points of cost management. The Teamcenter Tool Costing software helps you in managing tool expenses by creating accurate tool cost calculations in less time with detailed cost breakdowns. This will help you in getting reliable and transparent tool designs.

Why Siemens Digital Industries Teamcenter Tool Cost Management?

  • Good understanding of cost triggers and their effect on the cost

  • Improved knowledge management for all buyers and cost analysts

  • Assistance in cost structure negotiations and value engineering workshops with tool manufacturers and tool suppliers

  • Reduced tool expenditure

  • Improved quotation performance and cost negotiating position for suppliers

  • Retain cost know-how within the company with database-driven cost calculations

  • Meet target costs through a detailed and verifiable tool cost analysis

  • Reduced time and effort for the preparation of cost breakdowns

  • Better return on investment by calculating tool variants and changes

Teamcenter product and tool costing together can be integrated to see the interaction between different components and tool costs at different volumes. Teamcenter provides a fully integrated calculation solution.

Let us help you in getting a consistent and reliable cost estimate solution!

Teamcenter Rapid Start

Siemens Digital Industries Teamcenter Rapid Start delivers the world’s most extensively implemented product data management (PDM) solution, which can be deployed quickly and cost-effectively. The solution offers the flexibility to grow further into Teamcenter product lifecycle management (PLM) capabilities. The immediate benefits of PDM can be relished along with the vision of growing towards the PLM capabilities.

The solution is especially valuable for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) with PDM requirements and who do not want to run into customization complexities.


Why Teamcenter Rapid Start?

  • Its deployment takes about 70% less time than the tailored installation of the separate software components

  • It offers both the standard Teamcenter and a preconfigured PDM functionality

  • It delivers benefits quickly for a fast return-on-investment

  • It is easy-to-install, easy-to-use, and comes with pre-configured packages

  • Its multi-CAD data management for mechanical computer-aided design (MCAD) enables you to create, manage, visualize, validate and re-use native design data from a wide selection of MCAD systems

  • Its electronic computer-aided design (ECAD) management enables ECAD teams to boost productivity by integrating disconnected design flows; managing all the design, part library, fabrication, and assembly data; and enabling data sharing across multiple domains

  • It helps to create and manage important engineering documentation together with the rest of the product and process data.

Manage your business processes from the initial designing stages to the actual product launch and beyond with Teamcenter Rapid Start.

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