AutoBurn For NX™

Electrode Burning Code
Automation Solution


This state-of-the-art application provides a user-friendly interface to automatically generate electrode burning codes from electrode designs. Eliminate the need for creating drawings and manual user-input to EDMs to reduce errors. Verify electrode designs with tool position mapping and motion simulation. 

Do you struggle with any of these challenges?

– Do you have a need to streamline your Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) process?

– Do you feel you are spending unnecessary time and effort adding additional information to an already rich design?

– Do you have a disconnect between your design and manufacturing environments?

– Do you have to create engineering drawings from your electrode design models?

– Does your EDM team struggle to interpret engineering drawings to input burning codes into your EDM machine?

– Are your processes labor intensive and prone to mistakes?

If yes, then we have a unique solution to address your challenges:

Autoburn Longterm Technology Services

– Streamlines the overall process of EDM.

– Saves time and effort

– Great reduction in setup times.

– Develop a seamless link between your design and manufacturing work.

– Eliminates the need for creating drawings for EDM.

– Virtually verify electrode motion before actual manufacturing.

– No need to create drawings in the first place.

– System generates machine ready burning codes for selected EDM machine.

– Reduce costly errors through process automation reducing user-input.

Business Benefits

Autoburn Longterm Technology Services Profitability
Increases Profits
High ROI with Autoburn Longterm Technology Services
High ROI
Autoburn Longterm Technology Services
Eliminates Errors
Autoburn Longterm Technology Services
Improves Quality
Autoburn Longterm Technology Services
Improves Lead Time
Autoburn Longterm Technology Services
Provides Competitive Edge
Autoburn Implementation
Quick Implementation
Autoburn Training
Requires Limited Training

User Benefits

  • No need to create and interpret drawings to input parameters into the EDM machine.

  • Automatically generate accurate and machine ready burning codes from design model.

  • Easily specify electrode burning direction and modify burning parameters.

  • Verify design intent by virtually simulating design and output setup sheets.

  • Work inside of Siemens NXTM in a user-friendly interface requiring limited training and setup.

  • Scalable support for most popular EDM machines in the industry.

Workflow Comparison

Autoburn Workflow
Autoburn Workflow
Autoburn Workflow
Autoburn Workflow

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