AutoBurn For NX™

Electrode Burning Code
Automation Solution

This state-of-the-art application provides a user-friendly interface to automatically generate electrode burning codes from electrode designs. Eliminate the need for creating drawings and manual user-input to EDMs to reduce errors. Verify electrode designs with tool position mapping and motion simulation. 

Do you struggle with any of these challenges?

– Do you have a need to streamline your Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) process?

– Do you feel you are spending unnecessary time and effort adding additional information to an already rich design?

– Do you have a disconnect between your design and manufacturing environments?

– Do you have to create engineering drawings from your electrode design models?

– Does your EDM team struggle to interpret engineering drawings to input burning codes into your EDM machine?

– Are your processes labor intensive and prone to mistakes?

If yes, then we have a unique solution to address your challenges:

– Streamlines the overall process of EDM.

– Saves time and effort – great reduction in setup times.

– Develop seamless link between your design and manufacturing work.

– Eliminates the need for creating drawings for EDM. Virtually verify electrode motion before actual manufacturing.

– No need to create drawings in the first place. System generates machine ready burning codes for selected EDM machine.

– Reduce costly errors through process automation reducing user-input.

Business Benefits

Increases Profits
High ROI
Eliminates Errors
Improves Quality
Improves Lead Time
Provides Competitive Edge
Quick Implementation
Requires Limited Training

User Benefits

  • No need to create and interpret drawings to input parameters into the EDM machine.

  • Automatically generate accurate and machine ready burning codes from design model.

  • Easily specify electrode burning direction and modify burning parameters.

  • Verify design intent by virtually simulating design and output setup sheets.

  • Work inside of Siemens NXTM in a user-friendly interface requiring limited training and setup.

  • Scalable support for most popular EDM machines in the industry.

Workflow Comparison


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