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For fifteen years, we’ve helped companies leverage the incredible power of next-generation, multidisciplinary CAD, CAE, and CAM solutions. Our team offers holistic, end-to-end support for these tools and will ensure that your solution is the correct one for fulfilling your goals. In addition to being a proud Siemens software partner, we’re proud to offer our home-grown Dynmik Design solutions for business engaged in the design and manufacture of molds and dies.

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Siemens NX software is a flexible and powerful integrated solution that helps you deliver better products faster and more efficiently. NX delivers the next generation of design, simulation, and manufacturing solutions that enable companies to realize the value of the digital twin.

Supporting every aspect of product development, from concept design through engineering and manufacturing, NX gives you an integrated toolset that coordinates disciplines, preserves data integrity and design intent, and streamlines the entire process.

Motion Simulation for the Tooling Industry

We are North America’s top experts for NX Mold and Die Design applications. As part of our deep sector experience, we’ve worked alongside tooling industry experts to create motion simulation software that is quick, easy-to-use, and powerful enough to support any shop’s needs for design optimization and validation.


For Mold Shops

Learn more about our Dynmik Design for Mold software here.

For Transfer & Die shops

Learn more about our Dynmik Design for Die software here.


Simcenter™ is a flexible, open, and scalable portfolio of the best predictive simulation and test applications that support you at every step in your digital journey.

Becoming a Simcenter user means more than purchasing world-class software or services; it opens the door to an unrivaled wealth of engineering expertise. Our solutions are backed by our team of engineering specialists, dedicated to helping you meet the challenges of your industry and exceed the expectations of your market.

We believe that the comprehensive digital twin is critical to the future of engineering innovation and that simulation and test are the beating heart of the digital twin. By providing you with insight into the real-world performance of your product or process, Simcenter allows you to accelerate innovation over the entire lifecycle.


Program any job using one software. NX CAM provides comprehensive and integrated NC programming capabilities in a single system. This enables the use of consistent 3D models, data and processes to seamlessly connect planning and shop floor operations with a digital thread.

You can streamline and automate NC programming, while reducing cycle time, using powerful, application-specific tools. From 2.5-axis machining and mold manufacturing, to simultaneous 5-axis milling and high-volume production, NX allows you to use one CAM software to make better parts faster.

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