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NX CAD is the industry’s most flexible, powerful, innovative, and fastest product design solution. NX CAD can create drawing views of assembly models and 3D parts while arranging drawing sheets and effectively scaling/aligning drawing views.

NX CAD from Siemens Digital Industries Software facilitates the use of more virtual product models, thus ensure lower development costs, superior product quality, and increased market gains.

Key Features:

  • Concept Design

  • Drafting and Documentation

  • Model-Based Definition

  • Design Reuse

  • P&ID Design

  • Additive Manufacturing

  • Virtual Commissioning

  • Design Interoperability

  • Mechatronic Concept Design

  • Workflow Based Solution


NX CAM is the industry-leading Computer-Aided Manufacturing software. It delivers a full set of NC programming capabilities and an integrated set of manufacturing software applications in a single CAM system. These applications are based on NX technology and facilitate part modeling, tool design, and inspection programming.

Part manufacturing solutions CAM

With the possibility of automation, NX CAM in context to Industry 4.0 would be your key to integrated manufacturing. Learn more with us!

Key Features:

  • Drilling

  • Fixed-axis milling

  • Grinding

  • Die-sinking EDM

  • Prismatic

  • Turning

  • Wire EDM

  • 5-axis milling, positioning and simulation processing

  • Turbomachinery milling

  • Single and multi-channel mill-turn machines

  • Shop documentation

  • Cycle programming

  • Measurement in the NC programming process

  • Comprehensive post-processor and post-builder system

  • Synchronous modeling

  • True G-code machine simulation


Reduce your simulation model preparation time drastically with Siemens NX CAE. Learn more with us!

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NX CAE is a robust Computer-Aided Engineering platform that addresses the CAE Simulation challenges. With the capability to simulate real-world conditions, it provides an insight into how the product will perform and decrease the need for expensive physical prototypes.

Key Features:

  • Thermal analysis

  • Flow analysis (CFD)

  • Linear and non-linear structural analysis

  • Coupled Physics analysis

  • Durability/Fatigue analysis

  • Motion analysis

  • Optimization analysis

  • Co-simulation

  • Integrated data and process management

  • External solver interfaces

  • Materials analysis

  • Test/analysis correlation

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