Process Simulate Essentials Training

This course will provide users with a strong foundation in the basics of Tecnomatix Process Simulate software. It will cover the UI of the software, basic modelling tools, robot operation simulation and analysis, and cyclic event evaluator (CEE) simulation.

After completing this training, users will be able to use Process Simulate to model a basic work cell with robot operations. Users will also gain the ability to control robot operations using signals and sensors, then generate customized analysis to improve the work line.


Training Outcomes

– Familiarize designers with Process Simulate user interface and Process Simulate terminology

– Acquire basic methods of importing models and defining kinematics in Process Simulate.

– Familiarize designers with Process Simulate features and most frequently-used commands

– Use Process Simulate to define robot operations and run simulations

– Understand the concept of signals and be able to generate a CEE line simulation



1. Basic computer skills. Windows OS, MS-Office, Internet Brower, etc.

2. Basic CAD and Math skills


Intended Audience

This training is ideal for designers, engineers, manufacturing engineers, CAD/CAM managers, drafters, viewers, and others who need to examine, create, or manage data associated with automation, controls, and virtual commissioning using Process Simulate.


Course Schedule

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