Design Automation

At Longterm Technology Services, we have the expertise to help you take control of your future in digital manufacturing. With our unique combination of IT and Engineering skills, we provide comprehensive solutions for design automation, from concept to reality and for the ongoing operations that follow.

We offer a range of specialized engineering design services to help you configure, design, customize, and deliver better products faster than ever before.

We have specialized experience in Siemens’ Digital Industries Design Automation solution. You can embed this software within your preferred CAD solution to automatically generate 3D virtual models from 2D-drawings of custom products and parts.

We understand how today’s competitive world expects manufacturers to design, manufacture, and ship products faster than ever before. Customers demand innovative, sustainable, and customized products. Businesses often struggle to deliver custom products that exceed customer’s expectations due to the large amount of specification and manual design work involved.

There are many repetitive modeling and designing tasks that take place when you’re engineering a product. Preparing drawings alone can cost manufacturers a lot in time and money. Then there’s generating bills of material when designing complex products. Personnel often get confused with the number of choices involved. The more complex the products, the higher the chances for errors. Even training an employee isn’t easy, as it takes months to years for a new employee to be familiar with these specifications.

If these challenges sound familiar to you, then it’s time to consider Design Automation.

– Design Automation to reduce engineering time:

Design automation extends CAD tools and automates CAD processes along with automating your business logic.

– Design Automation to increase productivity:

With computer automated design, employees work smarter, not harder. It eliminates repetitive tasks while increasing consistency, preventing human errors, and condensing processes to a few mouse clicks.

With fast creation and configuration of custom products, you get a tremendous competitive advantage, which eventually leads to sales growth, higher ROI, and satisfied customers.

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