Mold Wizard

We provide NX Mold Wizard Training to acquaint users with all the major tools and techniques for creating mold designs through NX. It helps users get started with NX Mold Wizard and bridges the classroom training to the real product design through a variety of activities. After completing our training, users get a good understanding of Mold Design workflow, and they get ready to implement it to their industry.

Why choose us?

– Up-to-date onsite and online training using Siemens Digital Industries NX software

– Ensure that parts and molds specific to your industry are used as examples during the training sessions

– With extensive knowledge of the Mold Wizard, we provide you the in-depth concept

– We help your employees get familiar with the platform to use it independently on their own in your facility

– We stay-in-touch with you to help resolve your specific problems even after the training

Are you ready to compete against your competitors who are putting pressure on prices in the industry? We will help!

Get customized onsite training now! Reach out to us to know more about the Mold Wizard Training Schedules!

We organize multiple workshops, training events, and webinars throughout the year for Mold Wizard and Die Wizard customers. Please feel free to check them and subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated about these events.

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