NX Electrode Design Training

Electrode design software plays a crucial role in any project that involves the use of Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM). That’s why we at LTS are committed to helping you build your company’s capacity in this area. 

If your goal is to fully automate the EDM process from designing to manufacturing (and this is definitely a good idea!), you need to have strong knowledge of NX’s electrode design software. Without this software, it is very challenging to manage the design and manufacture of complex electrodes.

The team at LTS includes a number of electrode design experts who are eager to help your company take its next big step forward. We’ve even authored the NX-based AutoBurn application as part of our commitment to addressing the biggest pain points in this area. We understand the demands of industry and pledge to deliver you the most impactful training you will find anywhere. 

Why Choose Us?

When you take our NX Electrode Design training, you will learn the most valuable skills in the entire field of electrode design. More specifically, this course will:

  • Provide you a range of integrated tools to supercharge for the electrode design process

  • Teach you to remove user errors

  • Reduce your programming time

  • Reduce your training costs

  • Reduce your programming efforts

  • Automate your CMM program with collision avoidance

  • Reflect design changes right down to the individual electrode

Get Siemens Digital Industries NX Electrode Design training to automatically find manufacturing geometry, define electrode sparking areas and blanks, manage design changes, design undersized geometry, validate electrode design, and more.

We are flexible in delivering the training at our facility, on your site, and online. Get more information on our Siemens NX Electrode Design training program by getting in touch with us now!

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