NX Die Wizard Training

We help basic to advanced learners acquire the skills of designing professional quality die tools using Die Wizard for Siemens NX. Drawing on our unparalleled experience in the automotive tooling industry, we’ll help you will supercharge your productivity through intelligent automation of industry-specific processes.

By combining our industry knowledge and best practices with process automation, we’ll help you understand the most important aspect of Die Design using Siemens NX Die Wizard. Mastering this tool will help you streamline the die development process from design through to tool validation. 

Why Choose Us?

Our team of devoted experts will help you achieve the most important milestones for becoming a leader in 21st-century die design. This course will specifically help you to:

– Streamline complex processes and automate tedious tasks to save time.

– Speed up the design while enhancing quality

– Acquire skills to create and validate finished and semi-finished products

– Gain familiarity with the formation of beads and inserts

– Gain understanding related to technical and assembly drawings

– Meet complex die design requirements

– Generate as many drawings as needed to help shop floor personnel understand what they want to build

– Decrease your lead times

Improve your productivity by getting acquainted with this software. Longterm Technology Services Inc. has expertise in the Mould Wizard and Die Wizard Industry. Get customized Onsite & Online Die Wizard Training! Reach out to us to know more about the Die Wizard Training Schedules!

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