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The Problem

Do you have issues optimizing your production facility? Are you being asked to make your production leaner and more agile at the same time? Are you trying to plan for every contingency by using spreadsheets?

That’s where Tecnomatix Plant Simulation from Siemens Digital Industries Software comes in.

The Solution

Imagine having a full digital twin of your production facility to get immediate, accurate answers to any “What if?” question you ask about your production. Quickly get answers such as:

  • What impact will this new capital investment have on overall production?
  • Is the investment worth it?
  • How can I optimize our throughput based on the resources we currently have?
  • What is the best worker shift pattern/size to maximize our efficiency?
  • What resources will I need to meet expected and unexpected fluctuations in demand?
  • How will worker absenteeism or machine breakdowns impact my scheduled production? What steps can I take to offset those risks?

Plant Simulation

With Plant Simulation, you can model, simulate, visualize and analyze production systems and logistics processes to optimize material flow and resource utilization for all levels of your plant planning, from global facilities and local plants to specific production lines.

Model in an object-oriented, 3D simulation environment

Create well-structured, 3D hierarchical models of production facilities, lines and operations for fast and efficient modeling of discrete and continuous manufacturing processes using powerful object-oriented architecture and modeling capabilities.

Build and visualize in 3D using included libraries or external CAD data. Leverage the JT data format for 3D modeling and Siemens direct model technology for efficient loading and realistic visualization of large 3D simulation models without compromising simulation and analysis needs.

Benefit from inheritance and hierarchy

Handle, understand and maintain complex and detailed simulations much better than conventional simulation tools due to the architectural advantages of encapsulation, inheritance and hierarchy.

Model using objects within objects and models within models at all levels of the hierarchy. Items stored in libraries are maintained for all users and changes are automatically applied to all instances of those items wherever they are used. And those library items can be easily configured to specific requirements within a particular simulation.

Take advantage of openness and integration

Leverage an open system architecture to support multiple interfaces and integration capacities, including ActiveX, C, CAD, COM, JSON, MQTT, ODBC, OPCClassic, OPCUA, Oracle SQL, Socket and XML.

Integrate easily with other Siemens software applications like NX Line Designer, Teamcenter, Simcenter HEEDS, Opcenter APS, TIA Portal, PLCSIM Advanced and SIMIT.

Analyze and experiment freely

Enjoy many built-in tools and graphical outputs to assess production system performance, including automatic bottleneck detection; throughput analysis; machine, resource and buffer utilization; energy consumption; cost analysis; Sankey diagrams and Gantt charts.

Use experiment management tools and integrated neural networks to enable comprehensive experiment handling and automated system optimization via genetic algorithms.

Plant Simulation as a Service

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