Location: Online 

Date: Wednesday, Mar. 10th, 2021 

Time: 10 am – 11 am Eastern Time 

Presented by

Steve Cardoso, Engineering Manager at InCycle Automation

Jeethan Tellis, Solutions Consultant at Siemens PLM Software

Tengyuan Zhang, Director of R&D and Commercialization at LTS

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Around the world and across Canada, companies big and small are using virtual commissioning to reduce real commissioning times by over 50%.  

What makes virtual commissioning different from traditional simulation is that it works with real PLC code that can be analyzed, simulated, tested, optimized, and finally downloaded to a real controller to ensure that your 3D simulation is using the exact same code as your real-world commissioning. That means that any errors or crashes will occur in a virtual setting instead of real life, saving your company significant amounts of time and money. It will also enable you to keep current manufacturing and engineering data simple, right from conceptual design down to the shop floor. For these reasons,  

For these reasons, Longterm Technology Services has partnered with Siemens Digital Industries and InCycle Automation to host a webinar on March 10th, 2021 to help companies understand exactly where and how virtual commissioning can add value to their efforts. Steve Cardoso of InCycle Automation and Jeethan Tellis of Siemens will join Tengyuan Zhang of LTS to provide real-world examples of how companies have used virtual commissioning to digitize their businesses and take their next big step in Industry 4.0.  


What We’ll Cover 

Attendees of the webinar will leave with a clear understanding of how to validate their assembly and production processes in a virtual environment using real PLC code, which can then be downloaded and used for error-free production. They will also learn how advancements in simulation libraries have expanded access to virtual commissioning from large enterprises to companies of all sizes. 


Can Virtual Commissioning Really be a Game-Changer for Your Company? 

The best way to answer this question is to see the software in action and ask the questions that matter most to you. That’s why the team at Longterm Technology Services is hosting a one-hour webinar on Wednesday, March 10th to provide you with everything you need to determine if and how virtual commissioning can move your company forward.  

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