Successful Execution of Teamcenter Tool Cost Management (TcPCM) Webinar

Longterm Technology Services Inc. successfully conducted the “Teamcenter Tool Cost Management (TcPCM) Webinar for Plastic Injection Mould and Die Casting Die” on December 12, 2019, featuring the Siemens Teamcenter tool costing management solution for the die and mold industry.

To address some of the common Plastic Injection Mould And Die Casting Die Industry challenges in Tool Cost Management, Longterm Technology Services Inc. organized an event on TcPCM. Siemens Teamcenter Tool Costing solution provides detailed and reliable information on tool costs early in product development, which helps mould and die industry in overcoming the tool cost management issues. The solution sets an important foundation for the success of products in the tooling industry, where reliable quotes and transparent cost breakdown is a huge task.

The webinar has shed light on the effectiveness of Teamcenter in the plastic injection mold and die casting die industry. The session focused on the use of Teamcenter Tool Cost Management software as a foundation tool in the calculation of tool cost. Many professionals from the mould and die industry participated in this event. Aaron Guo, the President at Longterm Technology Services Inc., initiated the event with the application’s introduction. Patrick Marceau, the co-presenter of the webinar, then explained the capabilities of the TcPCM solution in little depth. He covered the process workflow. Aaron also added to the workflow demo by taking different real-world examples. It was mentioned how the TcPCM solution can be linked with Siemens NX, and the analysis results can be imported into TcPCM for cost analysis.

There are many features in the solution, and several examples were taken during the session to demonstrate the solution’s functionalities and capabilities. The handiness of the Excel sheet was also discussed. These files can be edited and again uploaded to the application. Teamcenter Tool Cost Management application helps in calculating accurate costing while providing flexibility to customize various aspects of the process. It is a great platform to centralize the cost estimation solution of businesses.

The webinar ended-up with a question-answer session. Industry professionals asked questions about the application, and Aaron and Patrick effectively responded to all the queries. Overall, the event provided a good learning opportunity to the tooling industry to understand how easily they can capture all the applicable cost drivers with the solution.


Aaron Guo: He is the Founder and President of Longterm Technology Services Inc. With more than 25 years of experience in the tooling industry, he is determined to bring innovative solutions in the mold and die sector and revolutionize the digital industry with industry collaboration.

Patrick Marceau: He is a Tooling Application Engineer with more than 30 years of experience in the tooling industry. He has worked at General Motors for about 17 years as a Tooling Cost Engineer. He is an expert in the Teamcenter Tool Cost Management Application. He has worked across multiple industries to provide costing solutions to original equipment manufacturers and suppliers to meet their tool cost management needs.

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