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Dynmik Design

Die for NX
Mold for NX

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Modular Fixture Designer

Manufacturing Setup Automation

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AutoBurn For NX™

Electrode Burning Code
Automation Solution

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PLM / PDM / NX / Tecnomatix / Teamcenter

Longterm Technology Services INC. is Canada’s leading provider of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
software, hardware and services.

Longterm Technology Services Experience


By combining customized training and our extensive automation experience,
we deliver the best solutions for your business.

To get the best possible solution as per your needs, you do not always have to spend more to get a better solution.
We offer a wide variety of training services for different product lines from Siemens.
We offer services in implementing standard or custom solutions, which you have already invested in or plan to invest in the near or distant future.
We offer several customized support services to best match your requirements.
We provide a wide range of consulting services from our rich industry experience.
Workflow Improvements
We offer customized workflow solutions suited for multiple industries.
Design Automation
We with our unique combination of IT and Engineering expertise provide comprehensive solutions for Design Automation.
We provide a wide range of simulation solutions, especially motion simulation.


Industry 4.0 solutions.

We carry the most advanced technology solutions for digitalization.

Dynmik Design Die and Mold
DYNMIK Design – Die Motion Simulation
DYNMIK Design – Mold Motion Simulation
AutoBurn – Electrode Burning Code Automation
Modular Fixture Designer – Manufacturing Setup Automation


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Mold and Die events

Press Release: Longterm Technology Services Inc. participated in Shop Metalworking Technology (SMT) Mold Expo 2019

Longterm Technology Services Inc. is poised to pioneer new technology and innovation with Siemens solutions…
Dynmik Design Die Motion Simulation

Stamping Die Motion Simulation Webinar (DYNMIK Design Die)

Unleash the potential of DYNMIK Design Die – Motion Simulation with us if you struggle…
Dynmik design die - motion simulation

Injection Mould/ Die Casting – Motion Simulation Webinar (DYNMIK Design Mold)

Do not miss your chance to learn the use of DYNMIK Design  Mold - Motion…
Siemens NX Workshop 2019 by LTS

A Glimpse at the Siemens NX™ Mold Wizard/Die Wizard Workshop

Siemens developers and industry experts collaborated at a 3-day Siemens NX™ Mold Wizard/Die Wizard workshop,…

What They’re Saying

Aaron Guo was a key factor in the development of NX automation at Omega Tool Corporation over the last two years. That process has contributed to 20% increased Engineering efficiency over that same period. Omega now has a solid foundation for automating its downstream operations.

Omega Tool Corp

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Exciting collaboration between
@SiemensCanada & @FanshaweCollege
Industry-Academic partnerships:Thank you BOWMAN Precision Tooling for the tour.

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