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Dynmik Design

Motion Simulation for Die
Motion Simulation for Mold

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Modular Fixture Designer

Manufacturing Setup Automation

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AutoBurn For NX™

Electrode Burning Code

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Take your next step in Industry 4.0 with total confidence.

Longterm Technology Services is your one-stop shop for the software, consulting, and training that will help you digitize your processes and move your business forward.

Longterm Technology Services Experience


We’re a leading partner for Siemens Digital Industries Software and can provide you with the solutions, advice, and training you need to ensure significant ROI on your digital investments.


Access the best manufacturing software in the world for guaranteed ROI. 


Get the absolute most out of your PLM software and processes. 


Whether it’s a standard or custom solution, make sure that your digital investments make you a leader in industry 4.0.


Get the exact support you need, when you need it.


Leverage our 20 years’ experience in digital manufacturing to supercharge your processes and move your company forward. 

Workflow Improvements

No matter what your industry, make sure your workflows match your resources for maximum efficiency. 

Design Automation

Automation has gone from a nice-to-have to a must-have in industry 4.0. Reap the benefits of our IT and Engineering expertise to automate your design processes.


Don’t wait until you’ve actually built a product or set up your workspace to find out something’s wrong. Reap the full rewards of virtual simulation to get things right every time.


We combine the most advanced Siemens solutions with our own value-add software to make you a leader in digital manufacturing.

Dynmik Design Die and Mold

DYNMIK Design – Die Motion Simulation

DYNMIK Design – Mold Motion Simulation

AutoBurn – Electrode Burning Code Automation

Modular Fixture Designer – Manufacturing Setup Automation


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LTS was a key factor in the development of NX automation at Omega Tool Corporation over the last two years. That process has contributed to 20% increased Engineering efficiency over that same period. Omega now has a solid foundation for automating its downstream operations.

Omega Tool Corp

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