Mold industry experts from Southwestern Ontario, Michigan and nearby major regions gathered at SMT Expo to discuss numerous solutions and offerings existing in the tooling industry

Longterm Technology Services Inc. is poised to pioneer new technology and innovation with Siemens solutions NX and Teamcenter Product Costing and Tool Costing Management programs alongside their internally developed & proven solutions: DYNMIK Design Mold – Motion Simulation, DYNMIK Design Die – Motion Simulation, Modular Fixture Designer – Manufacturing setup Automation, and AutoBurn – Electrode Burning Code Automation Software.

Recently, the company participated in the SMT Mold Expo. It is an event that attracts mold makers, molders, and OEMs from Southwestern Ontario, Michigan and nearby major regions. It is one of the biggest events in Windsor, Ontario, to connect with the mold and die making professionals. “At SMT Expo, we got engaged in conversations with colleagues, peers, vendors, and industry experts on numerous solutions and offerings existing in our industry. We understand the increasing challenges of the mould and die industry and offer numerous tailored solutions to improve the manufacturing processes. We aim to help our customers by creating a truly digital machine shop,” said Aaron Guo, Founder and President at Longterm Technology Services Inc.

Mold and die sector continues to face growing pressures from changing market expectations. Customers need quicker response times with enhanced accuracy. To stay competitive, many Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) are looking to move towards digitalization. Siemens robust solutions connect part manufacturing planning and production with a digital thread. Part manufacturers of all sizes are reaping full advantage of automation by implementing a digital strategy and expanding into new markets by reducing the delivery time.

Siemens has always introduced several exciting innovations, which target the ever-changing needs of the tooling industry. Longterm Technology Services Inc. knows the potential of these solutions. The company showcased the key features of Siemens and inhouse products. “We are focused on providing user-friendly and customized solutions for businesses to help them easily achieve their business goals and reduce their overall costs. Our customer-first approach is the underlying principle behind our development efforts. We always stay excited in showcasing the solutions we have for different tooling challenges,” said Aaron Guo.

The tooling industry has been changing progressively from the past and is entering the new unforeseen period where every production process is being linked together with digitalized solutions. Longterm Technology Services Inc. is writing the new chapter in digitalized solutions by gathering the latest innovations and solutions. The company aims to continue seeking the fastest way to empower manufacturing. More story coverage at Mold and Die Events.

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