A Report Covering Stamping Die Motion Simulation Webinar (DYNMIK Design Die)

Longterm Technology Services Inc. got engaged with industry experts to tackle top challenges of the die industry with DYNMIK Design Die – Motion Simulation. Take a look at the report covering the event.

The recently held event Stamping Die Motion Simulation Webinar using internally developed DYNMIK Design Die software on November 20, 2019, by Longterm Technology Services Inc. shines the spotlight on stamping die motion simulation advancements. The back-to-back event organization for the mold and die industry showcases the dedication of the company towards the tooling solutions. 

The event was presented by Chetan Gautam, Application Engineer at the company. Many die industry professionals participated in the event, featuring presentation, demonstration, and a question and answer session. The event on stamping die motion simulation addressed efficient die technology to apply in the industry.  

The stamping market is growing, and its importance within the tooling business is also improving rapidly. As a result, the industry requires many new strategies that can fit the increasing needs, thereby posing effects on efficiency, wear, and costs. This presentation discussed design factors, motion curves, workflow, collision checking, and more that can help metal formers produce efficient parts, reduce die wear and shorten die-tryout times. Examples of different real-world scenarios were taken to explain the functionality of the application. 

“We focus on providing key elements for taking advantage of the latest in die technology. Attending such events help attendees understand how applying this technology help win more work, improve stamping productivities, reduce cost, improves time to market, and become knowledgeable about the latest technology in the die industry,” said Aaron Guo, Founder and President at Longterm Technology Services Inc. 

DYNMIK Design Die – Motion Simulation is a state-of-the-art die motion simulation application, which provides a user-friendly interface for simulating motion and interaction of individual mechanisms or complete die systems. It helps save time and money, verify design feasibility, and achieve desired production results. It performs all tasks within Siemens NXTM environment. The customers already using the company’s in-house solutions find it quick and easy to implement, user-friendly, cost and time effective, performance-driven, and highly customizable. 

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