Press Release: Injection Mould/ Die Casting – Motion Simulation Webinar (DYNMIK Design Mold)

The attempts by Longterm Technology Services Inc. to eliminate the Injection mold and diecast industry challenges can be reviewed from its proven track record of executing a number of successful events dedicated to the tooling industry. 

Longterm Technology Services Inc. has shown repetitive interest and competitiveness in delivering numerous events for the mold and die industry. The company again organized a webinar on Injection Mould/Die Casting – Motion Simulation (DYNMIK Design Mold) on Nov. 19, 2019. Many leading industry professionals participated to understand how their in-house revolutionary product DYNMIK Design Mold – Motion Simulation is eliminating the day-to-day mold industry problems.  

The event focused on the user-friendliness of the innovative technology employed in this niche industry. Aaron Guo, Founder and President of Longterm Technology Services Inc., said, “we understand the pressures in the mold industry to decrease time to market without sacrificing quality or profits. Our focus has always been to find the best solution for each customer. We are fortunate to have a range of solutions to offer to the mold industry.” 

The presenter of the webinar Chetan Gautam, Application Engineer at the company, demonstrated the core functionalities of the DYNMIK Design Mold – Motion Simulation application. He started with the design trends of the mold industry and then brought attendees’ attention towards the capabilities of this innovative solution in eliminating their pain points. He continued explaining process workflow, motion curves, and optimization processes. Then, he showed simulation and collision checking results with a live demo. The event ended with an open question and answer session with all the attendees. 

With the help of the DYNMIK solutions, many leading tooling companies have optimized their mold and die making processes. They are reaping the benefits of customization capabilities of the application. Reviewing the dedication of Longterm Technology Services Inc. towards the mold and die, it is evident that the company devotes invaluable research and development time to bring innovative solutions in this industry sector. 

DYNMIK Design Mold – Motion Simulation is a state-of-the-art mold motion simulation application, which provides a user-friendly interface for simulating motion and interaction of individual mechanisms or complete mold tooling systems. It performs all the tasks within the Siemens NX environment. It helps save time and money, verify design feasibility, and achieve desired production results. The customers already using the DYNMIK solutions find it easy to implement, user-friendly, cost & time effective, performance-driven, and highly customizable. 

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