FloEFD Webinar on Tooling and Mold

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Siemens NX Mold Wizard & Progressive Die Wizard Workshop

Longterm Technology Services is hosting a webinar to introduce the potential of using FloEFD for thermal heating and cooling, especially in the tooling and mold industry. Typical applications include Injection molds, Blow molds, Hot stamping and many more.


FloEFD is a new class of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis solution for the design engineers. One does not have to be a CFD expert, as this solution is well suited for an average design user.

It combines all simulation steps and operates within the NX environment. It reduces the simulation time by 65% to 75% as compared to traditional CFD tools while reducing developmental costs and physical prototyping without material or time losses.

Session Topic Details:

We will cover the analysis of typical cooling and heating processes, which will help accelerate the product to market time.


The primary goals of this webinar are to:

  • Make you familiar with the application and functionality of FloEFD.
  • Introduce good engineering modeling practices.
  • Help you minimize the risk of making costly design mistakes.

FloEFD Webinar: Tooling and Mold

Learning outcomes:

For injection mold tooling, there are stringent design criteria viz. cycle time, temperature gradients, pressure drop, etc. Considering all these constraints, our expert will identify the non-uniform heat transfer areas on the molded material by using Concurrent CFD and explain how design modification can reduce the cycle time while maintaining more uniformity.


Date: End of May



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