NX Transition Training

Are you looking to learn the new functionalities of NX?

You have not upgraded your software for a long time and considering making the transition process smoother?

We can help you! We are Siemens Digital Industries Software, Channel, and Technology Partner. With years of experience in the industry, we specialize in NX CAD, CAM, CAE, and PDM. We can help you in this transition and make it more efficient and smoother.

Prerequisites: Designers, engineers, and CAD/CAM managers who have a working knowledge of NX


What to expect from Siemens NX Transition Training?

We will focus on the latest NX functionalities and correlate it with the version that you are already using. The primary topics will include UI improvements, Freeform modeling, Sketching, Modeling, Assemblies, Drafting, and more functionalities. If something needs to be stressed more than others, we can coordinate with you to make it happen.


Why choose us for Siemens NX Transition Training?

Since 2007, we have been delivering Siemens NX training. We have knowledge of the oldest and the latest NX versions. Through an individualized approach and clear instructions, we ensure that all questions are handled concretely.

Upon completion of the course, the user will be able to use most of the commonly used commands in the latest NX version. In other words, get the job done quickly.

Have you decided on the course? We are available to assist you further. We are flexible in delivering the training at our facility, on your site, and online. Get more information on our Siemens NX Transition training program by getting in touch with us now!

Want to talk with someone?

Simply call, email, or drop by our office in beautiful downtown London, Ontario.

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