Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP)

Cover 90% of your costs for creating a digital adoption plan with this grant

We are proud to announce that Longterm Technology Services has become a Certified Digital Advisor with the Canada Digital Adoption Plan.

What does it mean for you?

We are working with businesses across Canada to use the Federal Boost Your Business Technology grant. This grant supports small and medium Canadian-owned businesses (SMEs) to adopt new digital industry technologies.

The grant will offset the cost of retaining our team of digital advisors to work closely with your stakeholders to develop digital adoption plans tailored to your business. The grants will cover 90% of the cost to develop the digital plan, up to $15,000.

What is a digital advisor?

A digital advisor registered with CDAP is an organization that meets and maintains all the required criteria to deliver digital advisory services to eligible Canadian SMEs. Registered Digital Advisors will work with eligible SMEs to develop digital adoption plans tailored to the needs of the client. Digital adoption plans must meet the minimum viable elements identified in the CDAP digital adoption plan guide.

The pandemic has changed the way Canadians do business. Canadian businesses need to adopt new digital industry technologies to meet their customers’ needs and stay competitive. The Boost Your Business Technology grant aims to help SMEs where the digital adoption is more sophisticated, requiring more advanced technology, such as manufacturing, packaging, food processing, and any other production-centred operations.

Next Steps

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