SpaceMouse® Pro Wireless

SpaceMouse Pro Wireless

$ 510.00

3Dconnexion’s first wireless Professional Series product, it delivers robust and reliable connection and a two month battery life.

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Product Description

SpaceMouse Pro Wireless automatically recognizes your application environment and assigns appropriate commands to four soft-touch Intelligent Function Keys. Go one step further by assigning four-section radial menus to any of its 15 buttons for easy on-screen access to even more of your favorite commands.

Detect errors, explore alternatives, and present your work more effectively for review with SpaceMouse Pro Wireless’s 6DoF navigation and QuickView Keys. Disable rotation axes with the touch of a button in work modes like sketching for simultaneous pan-and-zoom navigation.

Whatever your angle, SpaceMouse Pro Wireless gives you the power to see the whole picture.



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