Sheet Metal Stamping Die


NX Die Validation
NX Die Validation allows the die designers to check the function of die assemblies with respect to the collision free operation and is developed based on the technology available in Tecnomatix Die Validation tool. The users will be able to add press model, attach die components to the press models, and can define cams by identifying the driver and slide and simulate the motions of the entire Die assembly all within the NX environment.

Die Structure Design
The manufacturing of stamped sheet metal parts involves four critical steps: 1) process planning; 2) die face design; 3) design of the die structure; and 4) machining of die faces. The first two steps are comprehended in the existing Die Engineering Wizard product. Step 4 is covered by CAM. The proposed Die Structure Design module provides specialized tools for the creation of the die structure. A typical sheet metal part is stamped via a lineup consisting of blank die, draw die, trim die, flange die, and associated transfer equipment. Die Structure Design provides functions to create each of these dies. This includes standard components such as pierce equipment, pressure systems, and air cylinders. Other major components have free form faces that reflect the shape of the product to be manufactured. These components often are very difficult to model using conventional modeling tools. Die Structure Design offers special functions to create these components, which are then represented as full-fledged features.

NX Die Engineering
NX Die Engineering Wizard is packaged in a wizard-like environment, NX Die Engineering Wizard provides process specific tools for die face design.