Progressive Die Wizard



Progressive Die Wizard goes hand-in-hand with Siemens philosophy of embedded knowledge seen in the Process Automation products. By performing progressive die design functions  process automation tasks are highly leveraged allowing greater economies of scale for a larger number of customers. Progressive Die Wizards user interface incorporates industry best practices to guide users through the steps required to construct a progressive die. It embeds knowledge that formerly resided only in the minds of senior die designers, opening the door for more opportunity with greater access to this knowledge. Less experienced users can take advantage of the guided and intuitive process steps. Experienced designers can quickly achieve the highest level of proficiency.

When planning the forming process, a designer can define the pre-process, unfold the part, nest the flat pattern (blank layout), design the scraps, and determine the strip layout. This almost covers the whole process. When designing the die assembly, the strip layout should be ready, a designer can then choose a die base on the strip layout from a die base library, design the insert group for an operation in the strip layout, make the holes, and relieves, and list the BOM.

The application module is open to designers, who can modify or extend the related libraries, such as die base library, insert group library, pre-process library, and standard part library. Thus, it is flexible and customizable. The module provides a group of design tools and procedures to automate difficult and exhausting tasks involved in progressive die design. It therefore saves much time throughout the design process while providing full 3D models to manufacturing. If the product design is altered, some of the related design results can be modified associatively.