NX Mold Wizard

NX Mold Wizard offers customers and prospects a highly automated and fully associative set of applications. These applications enable users to design molds in a significantly less time and in the most efficient manner. Our goal is to release the best mold design product on the market supported by flexible packaging and strategically aggressive pricing.

MoldWizard offers a complete working environment of supporting functions and component data for creating associative mold designs. Every function is organized to promote the most efficient workflow through the entire design process.

A process thread approach will be employed to identify and develop the critical functions required to complete mold design tasks efficiently. The process thread approach includes the implementation of tools that simplify, automate and guide users through the tasks involved in the design of plastic molds.

MoldWizard is fully integrated within . Hence, it allows for full associativity between the part model and the tooling. The changes made to the part model will be automatically propagated to the core and cavity. Any changes to the insert box, or the plates, or the standard components will be automatically reflected in the moldbase.

MoldWizard leverages WAVE and Master Model technologies and will provide users with the full power of modeling tools for the highest level of flexibility, change propagation control and concurrency. MoldWizards design applications will provide the comprehensive coverage of mold design, including the most advance parting capabilities in the industry.

MoldWizard is easy to learn and use. Utilizing design wizards, the user is guided step by step through the mold design process. The MoldWizard user interface is based on common tools for a familiar look and feel. A fully customizable toolbar enables users to add functions as needed and achieve the high level of productivity.