To help newer Siemens NX users make the most of the software, this blog will document a beginner’s learning journey from the very first step.

I’ll be sharing helpful hints and tips I pick up along the way, as well as highlight any difficulties experienced and how to overcome them. Your questions and comments are always appreciated.

I’ll also be featuring exciting content relating to Siemens NX capabilities, applications, and the technology and manufacturing fields.


Why You Need a 3D Mouse


So you’ve cracked open Siemens NX (or your favourite CAD/CAM Program) a few times and you’re familiarizing yourself with the user interface and terminology. Having Command Finder in your corner is a big help and will definitely rescue you when …

5 Great Reasons NX Command Finder is Your Best Friend


At first glance, Siemens NX software is understandably a little intimidating, just like any sophisticated and powerful software. With its seemingly endless functions and customizability, all the bells and whistles would be a lot to keep track of, were it …