NX 9 to NX 11 Transition Training May 29-30


Course Overview

The NX 9 to NX 11 Transition Training course is designed to enable users to learn about all major updates and enhancements in terms of differences between NX 9 and NX 11. It helps users get started with NX 11 and to bridge the classroom training to the real world application through a variety of activities. After completing this training, students will gain knowledge to continue their workflow into the NX 11 interface with little disruption.


Familiarity with NX 9 release.

Intended Audience

This training is for NX users who are working in the CAD section of the company or those who deal with the CAD portion of NX.


Getting familiarized with new functions and features under the NX 11 release in CAD segment.

 All major applications will be covered to address changes in different tools and techniques.

 Learning about updates from the user interface, sketching, general modeling and modeling features, assemblies and drafting application.

Detailed Topics

 User interface, preferences and settings.

 Sketch creation, curves and dimensioning enhancements.

 NX Expressions.

 Modeling features – new features and enhancement to some existing features, synchronous modeling improvements.

 Assemblies – wave linking, interpart expressions, part and assembly navigator enhancements.

 Drafting – sheet template components, views, and annotation and dimension enhancements.

 Other miscellaneous enhancements


Training takes place from 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. at One London Place, 255 Queens Avenue, Suite 1760, London, ON

Register at info@longtermtec.com