Siemens NX Training January 15-19

Course Overview

The NX Essential Training course acquaints users with tools and techniques that are used for creating 3D models, assemblies and drawings within NX. It helps new users get started with NX and bridges the classroom training to the real product design through variety of activities. After completing the NX Essential Training, students will understand the NX essential concepts, know the fundamental modeling skills and be able to check and modify NX models.


1. Basic computer skills. Windows OS, MS-Office, Internet Brower and etc.

2. Basic CAD and Math skills.

Intended Audience:

This training is suited for designers, engineers, manufacturing engineers, CAD/CAM managers, drafters, viewers and others who need to examine, create or manage the NX parts and data.


  • Familiarize designers with NX User Interface and NX terminology.
  • Acquire basic methods of examining and editing NX part files.
  • Familiarize designers with NX design features and most frequently used commands.
  • Understand the assembly concept and be able to work under NX assembly environment.
  • Familiarize designers with essential drafting skills.
Schedule: Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5
Getting Started Design (Modeling) Design & Assembly Assembly Drafting