5 Great Reasons NX Command Finder is Your Best Friend


At first glance, Siemens NX software is understandably a little intimidating, just like any sophisticated and powerful software. With its seemingly endless functions and customizability, all the bells and whistles would be a lot to keep track of, were it not for the organization and logical workflows. And Command Finder.

Command Finder is your best friend when starting out (second only to your training materials and graphics card). It’s the all-knowing internal search engine for Siemens NX commands. I call it Google NX.

Here’s why Command Finder is such a great feature:

1 – Searches Synonyms


You don’t have to search for the command’s NX name, only for what you want to do. For example, if you want to hollow out a solid part, search “hollow” and the right command for the job, titled “Shell” will come up like magic!

2 – Shows Definitions


Every command is clearly explained to ensure you’re selecting the right one.

3 – Starts the Command

The results and definitions are clickable and can initiate the command right from the results listing.

4 – Lists and Shows Menu Location

Command_Finder3The menu path to the command is listed and displayed visually, so it will be easier to find in the future.

5 – Opens Help Topics

NX Command Finder also gives you the option to open help topics to further your knowledge of the command


These fine reasons are why Command Finder has been such a great companion for me in these first weeks. It’s just the thing for overcoming the terminology barrier of using new software. Gone are the days of bumbling through unfamiliar menus and dead ends to find what you’re looking for. Beyond that, even my NX expert colleagues find it useful every now and then.

Have you had situations where Command Finder was a life saver?

How often does it come in handy for you?

Any other time saving tips for beginners?